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Prepar3D v2.0 - Details and Discussion (Out Nov. 25th)

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    Hiya, well, i'm thinking to wear some old clothes, taking my dog's out and ask people for a coin, mayby i can get it faster this way, i'm jealouse...... :-)
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      MP Session runs very good....!

      Happy landings,
      Düsselwings / Stephan

      i7 4790K @ 4,5Ghz - Asus VII Hero - 16GB Corsair Venegance - GTX 780 OC - 27"Dell UHD, 27" Samsung HD - Saitek Homecockpit - 100% ORBX :love_heart:


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        Following is a cut-&-paste of my P3Dv2 host status post on forum and FSOpen forum P3Dv2 host server continues to run stabley, no crashes either P3D nor FSOpen Server2. I purchased one month's worth of developer's licence which is what this host is running on now with Windows 8.1 drives configuration. Today I am going to take that Win8.1 configuration off line for about 4 hours, swap out to another set of Windows 7 drives (totally separate drives), attempt to install the second developer's license permitted by Lockheed on that Win7 configuration and test stability. Regardless of these test results, I will then put the Win8.1 disks back on line as soon as I am done. I will report here and on forum and forum my findings.

        When Dave Wave has FSOpen Server2 ready for release on the current Win8.1 configuration, I will invoke that Server2 release on the Win7 configuration and test P3Dv2-FSOpen Server2 combination and report.

        My P3Dv2 developer's license (two authorized installs) expires 25 December. I will not renew the developer's monthly license but purchase an academic license or two on which to continue P3Dv2 hosting. Whether this means two academic licenses (one for Win8.1 drives, one for Win7 drives) or just one academic license I have yet to determine. Also, whether I host on Win8.1 or Win 7 has yet to be determined and will be decided upon in consultation with Dave Wave and the rest of the interested P3Dv2 pilots.

        P3Dv2 server traffic continues to be very light. I have set packet kick limit to 'never' as the T-6 Texan default aircraft has times when it will draw over 1,300 packets (just like in FSX multi).

        In game voice is set at 128k quality and sounds fine BUT... Initially I notice a 3 to 5 second lag when talking to Curley Campbell which makes voice interchange difficult. Also I could faintly hear myself talking thru my own speakers 5 seconds AFTER words left my lips. The work around here is for both sides to wait that length of time between conversational transmissions so as not to talk over one another's subsequent transmssion.

        Dave Wave has indicated he won't be developing on the P3D host for a couple of days so this is the right time for to install and test on the separate Win7 disks.

        Respects, Bob @ 20:00 UTC
        Respects, Bob ...


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          Moved this thread to the new forum area. I'll see if I can hunt down some more that need to be moved about.


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