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    Today while looking at old flights I discovered how the ticket pricing seems to work. It's based on trip mileage and goes as follows:

    0 - 50 miles = $50 per ticket
    50 - 200 miles = $1 per mile per ticket
    greater than 200 miles = 50 cents per mile per ticket

    If any of this is incorrect I would love to hear about it. With this info and whats in the previous thread about profitability you can tell if you will make money before you even take off.

    If you like to fly the smaller prop planes the routes that are less than 200 miles seems to be the way to go.

    This VA is great once you figure out the rules.

    Marty Kovar

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    I believe that's the ticket price formula....Ill have OZ check because he was the one who tinkered with the formula to make accurate ticket prices.


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      My data may have been incomplete. Upon further investigation it seems that the ticket price per passenger drops to 20 cents per mile over 800 miles.
      I hope OZ will confirm all this.

      Marty Kovar
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        Hi Marty,
        There are 4 break points for priceing the first is a fixed price and the rest are price per nm.
        1st - Less then 50nm is $50.00
        2nd - 50 to 200nm @ $1.00 per nm
        3rd - 200 to 800nm @ $0.50 per nm
        4th - 800 to 3000nm @ $0.20 per nm
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