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So you think you know what sea level is?

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  • So you think you know what sea level is?

    What is Sea Level?

    It reminds me to never discount the knowledge of people who think about things I don't. Can you imagine spending that much of your life calculating these matters?

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    At last! Incontrovertible proof that the Earth Gravitation Model is mainly an excuse to sit on the beach in Sri Lanka.
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      I've not yet had a real world (versus simulated) instance to necessitate the need to calculate this, but that doesn't mean it hasn't hit my "To Do" list at least a few times. Very interesting as I would have taken a somewhat similar path through the equations. It's comforting to know I'm not such a singular entity needing to figure out the reality of it all and somewhat haunted by the need to validate the mathematics of it/most everything. Granted there are things that can't be quantified by mathematics,,,, but that's only because it hasn't been attempted/done yet, i.e. biochemical responses to stimuli in the human brain. Oh @&*!, I think I just went over the edge. Perhaps the beach IN Sri Lanka is the best answer.

      Arghh, couldn't let it go, perhaps an average between sea level at SBMQ in Brazil & as close as we can come to sea level at both the poles + add in an averaged application of a latitudinal parametric slope to compensate for the distortion of the Earth's not exactly spherical shape. but then,,, never mind.


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