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  • JoinFS Quick Start

    JoinFS can be used on MSFS, FSX, P3D, and X-Plane!

    1. Download latest JoinFS from here: (download link is near top of the page)
    2. SimConnect is required, make sure this is included in what's downloaded.
    3. Open your simulator and load into your plane at your desired location. Then open JoinFS.
    4. Go to File>Settings... and set your Nickname (please use your Discord or Forum name)
    5. To join us in a group flight, click the button on the bottom right side of the window that says "Join Global" (unless otherwise specified in the event post).
    6. You may need to scan for models for model matching. This is done by...
    * Click File>Scan for Models... to select your simulator folder then scan for models.
    -If you want to change someones model manually, you must click View>Aircraft then right click the person you want to change and click Substitute.
    -If the distance is shown in red, this means the model you chose is likely not compatible for your sim, and you must choose another and reopen JoinFS.
    -You can change default matching by clicking File>Model Matching... then right clicking and choosing Substitute.

    If you can not get connected, please feel free to ask.
    Please note: At this time, labels on other aircraft do not show if you are using MSFS
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