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Solution to bouncing P3D aircraft in SimLink using Vpilot

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  • Solution to bouncing P3D aircraft in SimLink using Vpilot

    It has been quite tedious and difficult to find satisfying solution to bouncing P3D aircraft in SimLink using Vpilot.
    We have made many tests and different tricks but nothing seem to work till now.
    I have something for you to try.

    (intermediate difficulty)

    Backup Aircraft.CFG of bouncing aircraft.
    Find line

    spoiler_limit = XX

    If it's 0, it is probably a bouncer.
    Change it to 1

    If possible, please report after trying, with different aircraft that you experience bouncing before.
    After initial positive results (Travis testing -TH) Let's see if that makes a difference on the wider scope.


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    So far I have changed the Icon A5 cfg from =0 to =1 and one of the many Super cub models from Flight Replica ported over, from =0.0 to =1.0 and I have had great success!
    A huge thank you to Mike for taking vast amounts of time to find out a solution to our P3D problem!

    A word of caution: Like Mike said, doing these changes by yourself for a beginner to FSX or P3D is not recommended. If you try to do so, please back up/change the name of your original Aircraft.CFG and copy it. If you need help with this process, please feel free to contact me on teamspeak and I will be happy to help you if time allows. Thanks again Mike!


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      I am bumping to remind P3D users of the solution.
      I can see it more more new enthusiasts off P3D joining Simlink, that might be not aware of the it.
      H L


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        Sticky-ing this thread for quick reference
        Per Ardua Ad Astra

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          Thanks for the info Mike!!


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