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    Wow !! No Comments about Dovetail Flight School yet ?? Is it that bad that nobody cares ?? lol:neglected:

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    There has been some comments about it in other threads. The short story is, they didn't produce a completed product and it still has bugs for many. Also it wasn't really designed for us seasoned simmers. Therefore not a lot of talk about it.


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      Well, paying 15 bucks to be a Betatester for a prog what actually is made for Newbies at Flightsimulation.....
      OOps , now i wrote a comment :congratulatory:
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        Originally posted by va6pc View Post
        Is it that bad that nobody cares ??
        • Do I care? Personally, no.
        • Is it bad? Well, in the nine days since its release, it has garnered 335 reviews on Steam, only 55% of which are positive. That percentage is rising slowly as most initial reviews were bad.
        • But is it really that bad? It depends how you measure bad.
          • Does it fulfill Dovetail's objectives? I'm only guessing what they are, but I would guess "probably". It gives them a little stop-gap revenue.
          • Does it fulfill what I want out of flight simulation? Not even close.
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          Yah ,too bad really. I can run the graphics at Max on this but i can't even enable trees in FSX or Prepar3d....Works great and graphics are good except for the horizon during any part of the day . I will stick with it for now because I can actually see scenery and I get more than 4 frames per second . Definitely not going back to FSX or Prepar after these frame rates....I've seen the light and it is good to get 100 % better framerates and scenery ( other than the horizon ) . Will have to see what the actual simulator is like though.


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