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    Originally posted by ROBERT DUNN 2 View Post

    See example:
    All the passengers are seated on a plane out on the tarmac and the stewardess announces "We’re just waiting for the pilots." The passengers look out the window and see two men, dressed as pilots walking towards the plane. Both men are using guide dogs and appear to be blind. There are murmurs among the passengers, and some believe it is a joke. The men board the plane and go into the cockpit. More concerned murmurs and uneasy chuckles from the passengers. The plane taxis normally to the runway and begins its takeoff. As passengers look out the window they realize they are nearing the end of the runway. The entire passenger cabin begins screaming but the plane lifts off just before the end of the runway. The passengers calm down and chuckle to themselves. In the cockpit, the pilot turns to his copilot and says "You know, one day those people are gonna scream too late and we’re all gonna die!"
    Take the time, a second to soar; for soon after, beckons a second more.


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      Muuuaahahahaaaaa, very funny.....

      so back to normal , Another new FSUIPc4 4.938A is out... same dowload like before, install it and it
      shows 4.938a important fix is for the not working switches in standart aircraft cockpit's.
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        In reply to Wingman's post #31 quoting my post #30, this just in by way of a Christmas card email from my funny albeit elderly friend:
        Wouldn't it be great if we could put ourselves in the dryer for ten minutes; come out wrinkle-free and three sizes smaller!

        Last year I joined a support group for procrastinators. We haven't met yet!

        I don't trip over things, I do random gravity checks!

        I don't need anger management. I need people to stop pissing me off!

        Old age is coming at a really bad time!

        When I was a child I thought Nap Time was a punishment ... now, as a grown up, it just feels like a small vacation!

        The biggest lie I tell myself is ... "I don't need to write that down, I'll remember it."

        Lord grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can & the friends to post my bail when I finally snap!

        I don't have gray hair. I have "wisdom highlights". I'm just very wise.

        My people skills are just fine. It's my tolerance to idiots that needs work.

        Teach your daughter how to shoot, because a restraining order is just a piece of paper.

        If God wanted me to touch my toes, he would've put them on my knees.

        The kids text me "plz" which is shorter than please. I text back "no" which is shorter than "yes".

        I'm going to retire and live off of my savings. Not sure what I'll do that second week.

        When did it change from "We the people" to "screw the people"?

        I've lost my mind and I'm pretty sure my kids took it!

        Even duct tape can't fix stupid... but it can muffle the sound!

        Why do I have to press one for English when you're just gonna transfer me to someone I can't understand anyway?

        Lord, Give me patience and give it to me NOW.

        Of course I talk to myself, sometimes I need expert advice.

        Oops! Did I roll my eyes out loud?

        At my age "Getting lucky" means walking into a room and remembering what I came in there for.

        Chocolate comes from cocoa which is a tree ... that makes it a plant which means ... chocolate is Salad !!!

        Respects, Bob ...


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          So... we all are happy with the new FSUIPS4(4.938a), right? And here more new's for pilots, who using FS Global Real Weather from The have a new Version 1.7 Build #027 out what works with Steam Edition and for those, who running it on a second PC, a new Network Bridge(Version 1.7 Build #027),too.
          I have a new clean stand alone setup of Steam Edition and it DID NOT RUN with a Client UI Error. So i went to the SDK folder and installed all three SimConnect.dll's, because i dunno with one it need's.
          Guess what???' IT Works!!
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            Well, for Pilot's, who have to many doubt's, check this... and if you don't have an account at Avsim, read this

            Posted 26 December 2014 - 08:13 PM by Bofajking

            Simply put, FSX Steam Edition is the answer to your OOM problems. Period!

            So I know there have been some wild claims about the frame rates that FSX Steam Edition yield. I for one did not have the time to test the two sims at lower settings and configurations so I cannot attest for those results but very reputable folks such as Pete Dawson swear that there are tangible gains.

            The one thing I have been testing extensively is VAS/WS memory usage and the general stability of the sim. Many of you may have seen my other thread here: http://forum.avsim.n...ance-benchmark/ where I did a head to head between MS FSX and FSX SE in a stress test situation.

            After those results, I made the conclusion that VAS/OOM performance of FSX SE is remarkably better than the old FSX. Many continued to have questions about the validity of that claim so I decided to step it up a notch. I installed DX10, REX Essential + OD textures, AND Orbx Palm Springs to my stress test. So just to make it clear, in about a 150 NM area, I have the following addons:

            Orbx FTX Global
            Orbx FTX Vector
            Pilots FS Global 2010 Mesh
            Aerosim 787
            REX Essential Plus OD Cloud and Sky Textures
            Gizmos 4096 Water Animations
            Aerosoft My Traffic 2013
            FSDT GSX Ground Services
            KLAX by FS Dream Team
            KLGB by Shehryar Ansari
            KONT by Shehryar Ansari
            KPSP by Orbx/Jarrad Marshall

            Then I maxed the settings to unheard of levels which you will see in the video.

            I have tried this test with much lower settings in FSX for years as part of my stress flying just between KLAX, KLGB, and KONT without KPSP and couldnt complete the flight. If you have flown FSX for more than a day you know that 4 Mega Airports in this small of an area, ORBX Vector and Global, a Photoreal Region, REX Texture, and maxed out sliders will create an OOM before you probably even get off the ground.

            But not in FSX SE. You can visit all 4 airports, load the entire region, and cruise along at 250 kn without a single ping.

            Dont believe me? See for yourself. I have included skip points in the description of the video if you dont want to just sit around a listen to me talk.
            and watch theese video's.... and part 2
            Have fun!
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              HURRY UP... 4.45 hours to go on 80% offer, 5 bucks
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