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    Originally posted by Wingman View Post
    I want to be sitting atop Mauna Kea at the observatory in my RAAF Stearman when the servers go off-line.
    I think that would be a great way to end the string of group flights. All of us sitting beside the great observatory, gazing at the setting sun as we count down the minutes to the server shutdown. Holding back the... manly tears.


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      I will join you guys... If that does not spoil the moment. :P
      If it ain't Boeing I ain't going.


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        Count me in on that final flight......
        Per Ardua Ad Astra

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          I think everything but multi player will continue to work just fine even if offline, try it.


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            I tried that game, but only the tutorial, for some weird reason, i could never play the rest of it, some log info or other crap, I think that their mistake was to make profit of every scenario, if they were doing a FSX improovement, probably the game would have better results.
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              Originally posted by Storm View Post
              Sic transit gloria mundi.
              Alea iacta est!
              "Having fun with friends! "


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