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KPHX hub???

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  • KPHX hub???

    Are there any plans for a Phoenix hub in the future>? eaceful:

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    I'll talk to Spartan and Oz Flyer about it
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      We hadn't planned on it, pretty much all the future hubs in the US are on the route map, but with no routes attached yet

      This includes Los Angeles, Reno, and Jackson Hole. Of course things could change though


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        KPHX (as done by FlightBeam Studios) will be what we call a mini/micro hub, it will have 2-4 regional links (1-2 to and 1-2 from) and no less than 3 national links. It is already implemented in my dev build which is currently not available for release.

        Here are all the US National Mini/Micro Hubs...

        1. KPHX - Phoenix Sky Harbor International

        2. KDTW - Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County

        3. KMSY - Louis Armstrong New Orleans International

        4. KBIS - Bismarck Municipal

        5. KBGR - Bangor International

        6. KCLT - Charlotte/Douglas International

        7. KSFO - San Francisco International

        8. KSLC - Salt Lake City International

        9. KTPA - Tampa International

        10. KFLL - Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International

        Just to clarify, Micro/mini hubs are what most airlines have to establish direct flights to many areas of peak interest, I used lots of real world airport destinations from US Airways, United, and Delta to come up with these 10. Combined with our current hubs this should offer almost complete coverage of the United States with varying distances so that you have many options to choose from based on your time frame.
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          Awesome! Thanks you guys for all the replies! Ill definitely look forward to that micro gun Spartan! Flightbeam sure did a good job on sky harbor! I road the new sky train a couple months ago. Living in Phoenix it would be a cool place to flight out of.


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