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New North American National Routes LIVE!

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  • New North American National Routes LIVE!

    That's right VA Pilots, you have a total of 65 new routes available to you today for your flying enjoyment, we are currently working on a special award called "From Sea To Shining Sea" and we will release more information on it as things get settled. For now enjoy your new routes, it took me 18 hours of coding and planning and OzFlyer an additional 4-6 hours of editing and finalizing to get these routes out to you, enjoy!

    On a side note, you will notice on the map that there are some destinations that do not have links in yet, those are the "micro hubs" and they are my next and final project for the US Nationals.
    "Remember, when in doubt hold on to your altitude, no one has ever collided with the sky"

    "Speed is life, Altitude is life insurance"

    "Respect the ground, for during the 100 or so years that man has been flying things made of metal going hundreds of miles per hour, and the ground going zero miles per hour, the ground has yet to lose."
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