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    dear colleagues wanted to inform you that my system Pireps does not work, if you can please send me an email to explain how it works. I checked in regularly, I downloaded the whole thing, unfortunately when I go to enter my name and password in the Pireps not get recognized and then I plan regularly as you can see, I'm flying and I do not get counted no hour flight .... I state that I have already made ​​at least five sections, however, I still have no hour flight from cosiderare I made only ifr flight procedures ils.Scusate with the disorder would enter fully into the game hoping to make it,,,, greetings luc1951: Scusa:

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    "To get started you will need either FsPassengers (payware) or kACARS (freeware). " Which are you using?


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      be sure to follow this guide carefully: After you follow steps 1-9 click the link in step 10. for the final setup procedures.


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        luc, I'm glad and kind of proud to see that you are getting the help here of which we are justifiably proud. Welcome to you and thanks to evil and Kalo.
        Respects, Bob ...


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