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Developing new route ideas?

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  • Developing new route ideas?

    Just curious to see if there was a way to possibly submit new routes for MSF-VA? I'd love to see some more trans-atlantic routes and would be willing to help come up with a few. Currently there are only 3 routes in/out of the continental US and I'm really wanting to get some more hours in my new pmdg 777!


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    I made the routes for Reno a long time ago and don't have the files anymore. Talk to Kalo, Spartan, or anybody with a green V badge. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

    Be sure and fly the international routes forwards and backwards....that should take you a good while.


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      Well, just to explain. Our VA is not a professional VA, but we we have more than 1000 leg's to fly and its made for using it for groupflight's, too. we are not interested going professional and build a plattform for Automated flying and Hourcatcher, so just for fun. and if you check out our top100 list you will find out that the most of the pilots are pleased with what we have. that means not that we not puting more routes in. we do but peace by peace and not just for the needs of one or two new pilots who wanna make 1000 hours in a month. but feel free to create some and send then to OZ Flyer by PM. he will check it, save it and if it will be nessesary, maybe he will set them up.
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