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  • VA Flight Check List

    Not too sure what other VA pilots do or use but when I am engaged in a flight I have paper and pencil handy. I have developed this VA Flight Check List for you perusal.

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    sorry the attachment didn't work


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      What kind of error do you receive? Would you be able to post it's contents here on the post itself?


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        Please try again. I would like to see what you have.



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          G'day all, I tried again but to no avail. All it indicates is "Invalid File". Perhaps I am using the wrong facial


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            What's the file type? Are you able to move the data into a text file of sorts?


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              VA Flight Check List

              Hope this works


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                Looks good Buckwing,

                The only addition I would make would be a column for the flight number.


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                  I also started with a paper and a pencil, but soon converted to writing the flight details in an Excel worksheet. This way I benefit the following points:
                  1 - When I fly a flight that I already flew in the past, I dont have to look for the details again.
                  2 - Moreover, I mark it, so I know what flights out of the VA list, I already flown.
                  3 - Its much easier to just copy the FROM & TO airport codes directly into skyvector (both in one excel copy & paste)
                  4 - I also copy the FROM & TO airport codes into the FSX flight planner, this time, one by one.

                  This an example of the flight details: (sorry, in excel the columns lines up correctly)
                  seq Flight Number From To Equipment Distance From Elev To Elev Flight Hdg Rwy
                  1 MSF4121 PHNL PHJR 4PAX (ANY-4-PASSENGERS) 8 13 30 255 22R
                  1 MSF1742 WA79 W52 1PAX (ANY-10-PASSENGERS) 9 451 285 209 15
                  1 MSF1709 1WA6 KSEA 1PAX (ANY-10-PASSENGERS) 19 140 432 230 34R

                  If any of the site managers is interested in putting this excel file in the site, for others to download it, I'll be happy to "contribute" it.



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