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  • A new rumor

    Ever notice all those smaller hubs on the U.S. national map that have no flights going to them? Well I heard a rumor the other day that one of the VA managers was almost ready fix that by adding about 50 new national routes to them. Some of us VA people get excited about that stuff.


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    Kalo/David, do you know who is working on this?


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      Spartan showed me a screen shot of what he was working on.


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        Well there goes that little secret..... Yeah been talking with Kalo and OzFlyer about route numbers for it, looks like currently a total of 64 new routes if I stick to the current plan, I may expand the minor hub routes to a maxium of four for the best coverage this would increase the total number of new routes to 82. I was working on this project about 6 months ago and got caught up between my new second job, my upcoming wedding (Dec 6th 2014) and my other project for ArmA III.
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