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Official Announcement of NEW HUB at Denver Intl

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  • Official Announcement of NEW HUB at Denver Intl

    This one is for those of you that fly the VA! We have done it! We have closed the hole in the middle of the United States by activating the new Denver Hub. The hub is finished and awaiting upload. Expect it to be up this weekend! I would like to take the opportunity to say a special Thank You to MartyPK. I may have spent a day making it all happen, but it was Marty who put these routes together, so bravo Marty, Love these routes.........

    If you want to see the routes right away, Click Here

    Otherwise, expect to see them hot on the route list very soon.....

    See my videos Here

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    Very cool. They should be great routes scenery wise. Do flight planning with a 10,000' ceiling so you have to go through canyons...

    I do have to admit I'm hopeful some could be modified... Just my personal knowledge I'm wondering why fly over KCNY (Which there is a free ORBX upgrade for) and go to KHVE which is in terrible condition with no fuel. KCNY is a fairly busy airport 2000' longer and has both 100LL and Jet-A. It does make the next leg down to KGCN kind of suck though. As all those legs are over 150 nm you're probably not doing them in a Cessna 172, so a longer runway may help as well.

    Anyway, I hope that can be considered, as nobody goes to Hanksville (KHVE), but Moab (KCNY) is a very popular destination. I'd be happy to offer my $.02 on other Utah airports if desired.
    - Michael
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