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    Greetings everyone,

    I would like to put forward a suggestion made by one of our fellow aviators from Microsoft Flight. With the future of MSFlight still in doubt with the impending shut down of the Microsoft servers and no sign of a multiplayer alternative as yet, there may still be life yet.

    Moe has put forward a suggestion and I would like to offer it to the community for consideration. The idea is based on the VA concept used by Virtual Airways with some slight differences.


    Provide an extra layer of interaction with Microsoft Flight on and offline so that even if a Multiplayer solution cannot be found reports can still be filed by those who enjoy MSF offline.

    1. Manual PIREPS due to no compatible VA software
    2. Data collection and display on an agreed forum
    3. Utilise the in-game random mission generator
    4. Flights are consecutive (eg where one flight finishes the next must begin)
    5. Possible future competitions
    6. Have fun with it!

    I have never organized anything like this before and have done a quick and dirty set up example to showcase the idea.

    The PIREP form is here:

    The information is then compiled into an Excel sheet.

    I have two possible ideas for this if the community is interested in this progressing.

    1. I am happy to maintain the database however if someone can help me with how to export the data from a spreadsheet to display somewhere possibly on our community forum
    2. Integrate this as part of a "feeder Airline" for the existing MSFVA. It would operate independently of the existing VA however possible share some resources (webforms, database entry, etc)

    I am hoping for some feedback and expressions of interest in this proposal especially from our extensive and experienced VA community.

    I would like to thank Moe for coming up with the idea and allowing myself to run with it and present it to you all.

    Any comments queries or ideas please post!!

    Safe skies

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