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What an we do if we loose a VA flight because of a server reset?

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  • What an we do if we loose a VA flight because of a server reset?

    Hi. Just wondering what can be done [if anything] if we loose a va flight because of a server reset? Say for example I am in the 3rd hour of a 4 hour VA flight and something happens like for example a server reset, or fsx crashes et al. I have heard a few different things but nothing really concrete. I am ok if nothing can be done, just checking. Thanks! Safe Flights. If someone has already answered this question, can you maybe point me to the tread?


    Air Force Two

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    Hey Air Force, I know that if you lose connection or something happens either client or server side you can always finish the flight in single player. When it says connection has been lost FSX will ask you if you want to end the flight or continue in Free Flight, click yes. If you have a fatal I don't believe there is much that can be done, though I may be wrong.


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      You can also "Submit a Manual PIREP", on the VA's website ( but you must have a good reason, for ex: FSX Fatal Error, kACARS/FSPax crashed.. But in this case, just continue flying in single player until you land. kACARS and FSPax don't recognize if your in Multiplayer or Single player, and if your flying late at night, or before a group flight, I recommend starting in Single Player in the first place, just because these are the main times the server gets a reset.

      More into the fatal: You can either submit a manual, or reboot FSX-->Reconnect to FSX in kACARS (Not clearing your PIREP)-->spawning at the airport you were planning to land at (Only if you were close to the destination)-->Slewing to an appropriate place to resume your flight-->kACARS should start back from there. But its always hard to recover from a fatal and still get your PIREP accepted... If you explain in the comments what happened tho, or talk to Oz, Johnson, or me, it might just get accepted

      Hope this answered the questions.
      Happy Flying!
      - Mulder | Virtual Airlines Manager | Senior Operator


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