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    I've noticed that Columbia Metro only heads to Raleigh and Atlanta and I'd like to suggest the short hop from Columbia, SC to Charlotte, NC

    Columbia-Metro (KCAE) - Charlotte-Douglas International (KCLT)

    I've never stepped foot in a plane before but I drive from Columbia to Charlotte quite often and Id like to see it from the sky and actually have it count towards my flight hours. :emmersed:

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    You might be better off suggesting at route between cae and sav but use the chs vor as a way point.


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      Any VA personnel mind chiming in on this?


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        Well I was going to wait to respond till I had a yes or no but here are my thoughts on this. So this route would have to come out of the Atlanta hub. We have a leg going into KCLT with MSF1022 and a leg going into KCAE with MSF1051. So we could either rework atlanta or throw it in as a quick fix on the MSF102x routes. Do a KCAE-KCLT-KRDU but then you would have multiple legs coming out of KCLT. So yes it is possible but at the moment we are running into errors when uploading routes and need to get that sorted out before we add anymore. So long story short let me talk to oz for a yes or no and I will reply here.
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          Oh guys, I'm wondering if its possible to make KCLT an outgoing HUB? It is one of the largest/busiest airports on the East Coast after all.


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            Our current virtual airlines numbering system is limited to the amount of hubs we can install. Being that the eastern USA has a few hubs already, I would think it would be difficult to make a hub there as it would prevent a hub space from going into the western portion of the USA where routes are limited and and terrain not covered by VA points. As far as altering routes to accommodate the specific airport you requested, that may be possible, however, we typically limit the number of times a route point is connected to other route points.
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              Thanks for explaining that to me, much obliged.


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