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How to fly for the Virtual Airline

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  • How to fly for the Virtual Airline

    • To fly for MSF Airways you must install software that reports your flight data back to our servers
    • After following the instructions below, view the Route Map to decide which route you want to fly. Click the actual route leg to see the flight number and distance:

    How to setup the MSF Airways software:

    *If you have not installed SimConnect yet, navigate to this folder and run SimConnect.msi
    [FSX Folder]\SDK\Core Utilities Kit\SimConnect SDK\LegacyInterfaces\FSX-XPACK\SimConnect.msi
    [P3D Folder]\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib\SimConnect.msi

    1. If you don't already have fsUIPC, download and install it here: (click FSUIPC4 for FSX or FSUIPC5 5.xx for P3Dv4)
    2. Extract the .zip folder, right click on Install FSUIPC4.exe and select "Run as Administrator"
    3. When fsUIPC asks for registration, click "Not Now".
    4. Create a folder somewhere for the MSF Airways software to install to such as: C:\MSF Airways\
    5. Download the MSF Airways software here:
    6. Unzip then double-click "MSF Airways.msi" to install, set the installer to install to the folder you created
    7. Navigate to where you installed the MSF Airways software to, such as: C:\MSF Airways\
    8. Right click on "kACARS - msFlights.exe" then click Properties, then click the "Compatibility" tab, then near the bottom where it says "Privilege Level or Settings" check the box that says "Run this program as an administrator" then click OK.

    How to use the MSF Airways software:

    *write down your Pilot ID, you can find this by logging into the Virtual Airline website, it will show your Pilot ID in the box on the top right of the page
    *you can load FSX either now or later, but to follow along with this guide I suggest you load into KBOS (Boston) now and engage your parking brake(ctrl+.)

    1. Start the MSF Airways program on your desktop
    2. In the top left click Main then Settings
    3. In the "Pilot ID" field type in your pilot id ex. MSF0304
    4. Enter your password in the password field
    5. Click the blue disk to save your information
    6. Click Log In
    7. On the left side of the program click Connect to FS, flight simulator must be running at the departure airport with your parking brake engaged at this point
    8. In the section that says PIREP Data enter the flight number for the flight you would like to complete ex. MSF131
    9. Click Get Flight Info
    10. In the section that says Aircraft Information click the drop-down list to select the aircraft you would like to fly. For smaller aircraft you may select any of the 4,6,8, or 10 passenger options. If your aircraft is not in the list, select a similar aircraft. It is important that you select a aircraft that has a similar passenger capacity to the aircraft you are going to fly. The passenger count affects ticket price revenue and overall airline finances. **You MUST select your aircraft AFTER Step 9, otherwise kACARS will not take your aircraft data**
    11. After selecting the correct aircraft, click the green check mark to the right of the box
    12. When you are ready to depart, click Start Flight (your parking brake engaged at this point)
    13. Once you have completed the flight and have parked, click Stop Flight
    14. Click File PIREP to send your flight data to our servers (your PIREP may take up to 48 hours to be approved)

    To find routes have a look at our Route Map (click the actual leg to obtain the flight number).
    Optional: you may get additional information on routes by clicking "Open Bids" on the navigation bar of the Virtual Airline website (must be logged in). Click "Add to Bid" on each flight that you want to take (you can add several at once)


    To Get VA signatures setup:
    1. To get your signature to show in the Pilot Information box:
    -go to the virtual airline website and click Pilot Center from the navigation bar
    -click Edit My Profile, Email and Avatar under Profile Options
    -Where it says Signature Background click the drop-down menu and select either 1,2 or 3 (they are different designs)
    -Click Save Changes

    2. To get your VA forum signature working:
    -on the VA site, click Pilot Center
    -click View my Badge under Profile Options
    -copy the bottom link where it says BBCode
    -on our main forum website click your username in the top right of the page then click User Settings
    -click Account tab, scroll down to "Visible Post Elements" and check Show Signatures, then click "Edit Post Signature"
    -paste in the link you copied from the VA website
    -click Save Signature

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    Any chance of adding XACARS for X-Plane to the software list?


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      Originally posted by Karl View Post
      Any chance of adding XACARS for X-Plane to the software list?

      Yes you can use XACARS with X-Plane I had not added it to the list yet as there are some missing airports in X-Plane and at his time I do not have a full list of Routes that one or more of the airports are missing in.

      Both Novawing and I have test it.

      If you know of a list of default airports for X-Plane (Excel or KML(Google Maps) format even better) please let me know.

      At this time I have found about 47 routes that the airport is not listed is may be just a change in ICAO still checking but with out a list of default airport its slow going.
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        You can also use the normal MSF KACARS with XPUIPC
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