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Has website TeamSpeak Viewer been enhanced?

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  • Has website TeamSpeak Viewer been enhanced?

    Hovering cursor over a TeamSpeak user's gamertag on our website homepage generates a pop up information window specific to that hovered-over TS user within the frame on the website. An option exists there to click such a gamertag window option, automatically launch TeamSpeak logged onto our TS server and enter TS in the channel of that pilot. Has this always been a website TeamsSpeak Viewer tool and I'm just now noticing it? It's kinda cool, along with the information concerning our community's TS server found by clicking the named hotlink at the bottom of the website TSViewer pane and searching for our community's TS server. Am I seeing this TSViewer information solely by virtue of my website administrative status?
    Respects, Bob ...

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    It has not always been available on our site/tsviewer at least not all these features. It must have just happened today!


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      Yes it has they have had a update on everything even my signature which is from them is new.
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