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fsopen comcast issues

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  • fsopen comcast issues

    So if you have comcast you might have noticed the map has disappeared from our website. This is due to comcast blocking a unrelated site being ran off the same server for phishing. This is my post on fsopen fourms to dave and unfortunately it is in his hands now.

    [Beginning post]
    I called comcast on this issue of the ISP blocking and he said it is because fsopen is being hosted from the same IP as a phishing website. So with this info there are 2 options and unfortunately there is noting we can do on the user side.

    1. contact the hoster for fsopen and have them take down the phishing site which would then automatically grant access back to that IP address with comcast.

    2. Contact the hoster and ask them to move you to a diffrent server with a new IP address.

    Unfortunately ISPS do this to protect there users but sometimes in the prosses block safe sites.

    If you need anymore info please contact me at

    [End post]

    If anyone has any questions just reply here and ill answer to my best ability.
    Justin Johnson

    Any questions about the VA send me a message.

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    Thanks for all your efforts. I confirm that fsopen access via Comcast has now been restored for me. :eagerness:
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      Indeed. FSopen Map, and is now restored. Thanks for your efforts on FSopen forum!
      - Mulder | Virtual Airlines Manager | Senior Operator


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        May I add my appreciation to Justin and Karl for their successful FSOpen forum efforts to bring this Comcast block to Dave Wave's attention, convince Dave that only he could rectify the block and motivate Dave to take prompt action. Thank you to Dave Wave also for re-enabling FSOpen connection features to us Comcast ISP customers, including FSOpen hosting of alternate FSX and P3D sessions. I entend my gratitude to those others in our community who participated in this connection rectification (Storm, Wingman and HawgDawg primary among them).
        Respects, Bob ...


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