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    It seems like FSD isn't going away any time soon, and that we are really committing to using lots of staff time and resources to developing it for our uses here on MSFlights. Well I would like to suggest giving it a real home on our forums to organize the posts about it since updates seem frequent and news about it is even more frequent.

    I think it should be set up on the main page with sub-forums similar to this:
    We should have a Setup section, FSX, P3D, X-plane if needed, and anything else if needed. Or something similar to this setup. This could all be changed however suits us best as it is just a suggestion. I mainly bring this up because I have a hard time finding the FSD posts and keeping up with all of them. This would make it real organized and easy to do so with anything FSD all in 1 place instead of spread out in the forums.

    Its your turn!
    Let us know below what you think. Do you like the idea?

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    Also an ATC section as well should be included.


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      I think the FSD Forum is a good idea. Where it should go for ez access is another thing. A lot of us here are working on instructional setup threads and/or videos. Little Cube also has developed a new user instructional video we will be discussing the MA meetings tomorrow. Myself I would like to be able to give out one forum link with sub links embedded in it for setup, New user info, freeware planes, scenery etc and other info required to help our membership get up an running. Right now I have a bookmark Folder with at least 30 links in it to help the new user during sign up. I like things to be a little more simpler than that. I'm sure we will get some more input in this thread and get it all figured it out. May the Brainstorming continue.


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        Whether a whole new section is needed I don't know.
        But the first place I'd look for info as I look at the forum is the "Getting Started" section.
        There doesn't seem to be anything there regarding FSD?
        If you don't use BOINC or World Community Grid then you should!


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