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A great idea for a teamspeak rank for me

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  • A great idea for a teamspeak rank for me

    Hello Msflights
    You guys know about me daniel and I annoy people without me knowing that I am. So I had a great idea. I could have the poer to disable myself but then i cant undisable myself. I will have to ask a server operator to undisable me. So please take this into considaration. From Daniel. Also can all members take this into considuration. Thanks Daniel.

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    I dont think so for all the effort you could just mute your mic
    Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make all of them yourself!


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      daniel, your self muting proposal shows us how very much you want to be a cooperative and participating member here at and for that effort and realization, we all thank you. Please keep this kind of awareness and reasoning up!. I agree with Cube that as you show you want to technically control your sometimes tendency to share too much of your current thoughts with TeamSpeak channel members, when you feel you are broadcasting your thoughts more than you think is appropriate, please take such personal local action like muting your own microphone. Such peremptory action by yourself will show all the members and staff how very much you are trying to be a good citizen of our community and that you do indeed listen when some of us counsel you.

      Thank you very much, danial, for the thought. Happy USA Thanksgiving to you and all community members.
      Respects, Bob ...


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