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  • Badges on TS3

    I know this May take a little while but I think it will be a great addition if we added everybody's virtual airline ranks as badges tagged to everybody's name on teamspeak. Not only will this help advertise the airline, but it will also help to persuade people to do more flights for the virtual airline.


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    well, i know this is for you a good idea, but we as a reputable community, don't like that our TS looks like an Candy Bubble Saga Game.
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      That response made me laugh real loud.

      Really, it's would be a great idea. But, though Casey was making a joke, it may not be an idea that Warhawk would entertain. Feel free to ask him, however.
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        If we have VA ranks on TS, I insist we have this age seniority symbol too:

        Oh, and I need a spinning globe next to someone who's led more than so many group flights:
        Maybe color-coded for "rank" - bronze, silver, gold...

        You know it makes sense.

        (By the way, get off my lawn.)
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          oddly, I like the globe for veteran and respected group flight leaders. No really! What an easy way to honor the people who do what we do so often.

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            Djchanas, I'd have to argue that your Malaysia airlines crack is a bit too soon, and very distasteful. We shouldn't forget that people died on that flight. As for the collective sarcasm and points against your idea of TS badges, I have to agree with Casey. If we had badges for everything we'd soon begin to look like the Russian military (who seems to have a ribbon/medal for everything), and their uniforms look ridiculous! I'd rather not look ridiculous, even if they do know how to have a good time.
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              Boy I don't know when I had so much fun reading a thread on this forum. Storm I wish I had could written what you did here. The poster should remember we are all friends here, and nobody wants to make you feel bad.

              We encourage everyone to post their ideas for the others in the community to think about. Just don't be surprised when it doesn't quite get universal endorsement. Someday you will understand that it's not the decorations you wear on the outside, but the self respect you have on the inside that really counts in life.

              "Having fun with friends! "


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