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Separate channels for AFK and Idle

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  • Separate channels for AFK and Idle

    This way, people who are not doing anything but are online can still be pulled out from the idle channel. For example, when you need an admin, you can never guess when looking in the AFK channel whether the admin is online or not.

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    No need for this, just write them a textmessage and u will find a Admin or Operator 24/7.
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      I support Djchanas's idea of defining one's ability to participate with more distinctively defined "away" channels in our TeamSpeak. I try to use this method of designation to achieve this statement of intention personally: If I choose not to actively participate in the activity or conversation of any particular TS channel but I still want to identify myself and contactable in short order, I'll move my gamertag to the current AFK/IDLE channel and leave the blue orb up indicating that I'll see a TS PM text quickly and that I am ready to respond. If I'm in that AFK channel with my "away" status indicator displayed (gray icon with white clock), I hope to indicate that I'm not immediately looking at my TS PM ribbon and, even tho you can leave me a message, I'll only see it when next I return to my computer and turn on the screen power. If I'm not visible, my computer is off and I'm likely out of the house or in my yard, unaware of happenings.

      I'd use a TS channel more specifically designated to show my TS attendance intentions if it were created. If you TS PM me, expect a reply of some sort as soon as I see your PM. If no reply, I haven't seen your PM yet. If I'm voice-available but not anxious to engage in current conversations, I'll loiter in an unused TS channel (usually Support/Tech). That solitary TS channel occupancy has it's own inherent problems tho. If I'm around and "on duty" as it were, I'll loiter in the main FSX/MSFlights Lobby and participate in that channel's conversation when I fancy such participation is appropriate.

      More important than my personal opinion on this specific TS channel structure and purpose question is my endorsement and delight at reading contributing and interested members' opinions and suggestions being expressed. Keep it up, pilots.
      Respects, Bob ...


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        Their used to be a script you could enable in TS2 server that would auto move anyone who was idle for X amount of time to an afk/idle channel. I see the advantage, it would keep things organized but there is really no need for this when you have the ablity to message anyone at anytime other then when that user is in the staff channel. (E.I if you cant see there name to click on it you can send them a message.)


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