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    G'day to all and sundry, trust you are well ? Have no idea why I am posting this however, like to run it up the flag pole to see who salutes.

    With the possible introduction of a MSF VA HUB, why not include a re-paint and a LOGO for the MSF VA FLEET? ( don't forget the Beechking 350).

    I do know and understand this will take an inordinate amount of time, work and devotion to make this possible, perhaps one could run a competition to:

    A. come up with a colour scheme; and
    B. suggest a logo:

    Cheers BuckWing

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    I think Novawing has one for the Learjet 45, not sure about the Kingair though. To be honest, the only thing that came to mind when I read "run it up the flag pole to see who salutes," was this song because that quote is also a lyric for it.

    Musical blast from the past aside, I'm not sure if there are other repaints for the VA. However I do agree that there should be. My DC-10 would look great in those colors lol.
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      I believe our logo is evident at the top of our webpage. Some people have already done repaints of various aircraft with that logo. I have a Basler BT67 with it. If others are willing to give it a shot, I would be interested in seeing various designs with our logo.
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        There are already repaints for the Baron 58 and the Basler BT-67 located in our Vault (click "Downloads" along the top tab and look for Repaints -> MSF Airways Repaints) by HawgDawg. Additionally there are other themed repaints for the Default and Caranedo Baron 58 also available from the Vault.

        There is also one for the Default DC-3 and the Default Learjet 45. Currently these are not yet in our Vault, but are available from my OneDrive (see the links in my signature)

        I would love to see any ideas you and other members of the community have for MSFlights themed liveries!

        Safe Skies

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