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    G'day to all and sundry, trust you are well?....I have a feeling I could be barking up the wrong tree here; perhaps it could be a good idea to re-engage the FSX Comms (122.80) to handle the large volume of comms ( chat room text ) and restore some pride/sanity to the art of Air Traffic Control aviation. I do understand your trepidation in this field however, if it is monitored in a professional manor with Admin assistance it could work for the benefit for all?

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    Thanks for your input BuckWing. I will endeavor to bring complete answer to your inquiry here, in your thread. Historically, in-game FSX comms have been voted down for bandwidth reasons. Their value has never been questioned. We still actively fine tune and monitor both server and client-side bandwidth usage to minimize what we generally refer to as "lag" (altho the term as used by us covers many packet exchange considerations).

    As far as your expressed concern for restoring some pride/sanity to our particular ATC program and efforts, there is renewed interest and effort focused on general ATC program improvement and ATC TeamSpeak channel moderation. Please see the first session of ATC tutorials posted as an event for 9 September (about 15 hours hence from this posting time). Stand by and monitor for ATC program administrators' (both current and new) efforts and proposals to address procedural and behavioral concerns such as you discuss here. Please, involve yourself and your ideas and requests. A good place to start is the aforementioned Tutorial class-after class discussions.
    Respects, Bob ...


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      Pride/Sanity meaning Esprit de Corps


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