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  • Charts from Publications AIP/AIS

    Many know (but too many do not know) that can be downloaded from the publications AIP/AIS charts. The problem, sometimes, we do not know where to find these publications (outside the famous skyvectors) or the direct way to access charts.

    From here I would encourage people to post addresses of several AIP's.

    Of course, a good web to locate several AIP/AIS may be using, for example, web access from Eurocontrol, but I speak to linked directly AIP's donwloads zones.

    In my case, of course, begin by the links of AIP/AIS in Spain, from where you can download and view all the information related to airports, airfields, procedures, enroute charts, etc. (from AENA).

    The web and the charts are available in Spanish and English, free and without registration in pdf format.

    AERODROMES download site

    ENROUTES download site

    Note: In addition to my post, perhaps you may be interested to see this <Free Utility to display charts in a panel FSX (ATC or pilots)>

    Note for ADMINS: I do not know if this is the site for this post. Please, if not correct, I ask administrators to move it to the most convenient.
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    Hola, BHELTRA ! Yes, this forum is as good a place as any to post this useful information. Two or three other currently appropriately named forums would have also been applicable. We may initiate an "appropriate hot links" forum in the future. If we reorganize posts into as yet uncreated forums or rearrange current forums and their posts, we will make sure this valuable tip is correctly and appropriately posted. Thank you for this very useful information on behalf of all of us pilots.

    I see you ALL the time on the FSX host console. I'd love to interact and communicate with you additionally on our TeamSpeak. There are several fluent Spanish speakers who are logged on to TeamSpeak very frequently. Many of our members have good results with the TeamSpeak channel and private message text entry method of talking with the assembled pilots. I do NOT intend to put any pressure on you to come on TeamSpeak more but I, personally, would really love to talk with you. Your English in your post is perfect.
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