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    Hello guys, first off I guess this technically isn't a suggestion but I didn't know what other category it would fall under. Anyway I'm here to talk about something inappropriate I saw on the TeamSpeak last night, Robert Dunn 2 apologized to me simply because he wasn't able to read my private message. Now your opinion may differ from mine, but these guys that are putting in their own time and resources shouldn't have to apologize for anything. In a world which everything cost something I was glad my flying experience was able to be multiplied tenfold for free. So with that being said I would like to be able to give back to all you great guys who devote so much of your weekends and time, for example even when Bob was on the road he was still very much active (oh Bob, gotta love him:congratulatory.
    Now my first instinct would be able to donate money but I'm still in school and unfortunately that's not really an option, so I was wondering if anyone needs anything done at all (that doesn't require a badge, and I actually know how to do it) by all means talk to me on TeamSpeak or send me message on the website, and I'll tell you if I can do it and hopefully I'll be able to give you an estimated time of completion. Just want to say thanks to all those great badges out there and even those who aren't! Please help me help you.

    PS: Sorry for such a long post and putting it in the wrong category I'm sure.
    Agree but not enough time, etc.

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    I have a couple suggestions for people looking for simple ways to help:
    • Host a Flight! - Anyone can host a flight. Find a time that is not currently scheduled on the calendar, and plan something!
    • Post cool new topics - Anything flightsim or general avaition is awesome to see posted. I know Kalo wants to put more things on the front page as far as cool news, so if you see something out there, post a link and your thoughts.
    • Keep discussions going and fun! - Having run my own forum in the past I can say that just a handful of people can't keep a site going. It's up to the entire community to keep discussions going, and start new ones.
    - Michael
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      Thanks for the way you put this, Brittanic. It's been a pleasure working with you ever since we got your TeamSpeak properly functioning. I do tend to apologize for a lot that doesn't go as designed or as I would like it. That is just my management style...goes along with the pleases and the thank yous that I try to pepper thruout my requests and demands here. The apology was specifically 'cause, just as we ask you all to do, you TS PM'd me for badge-level help in ATC and I didn't see it under a buried TeamSpeak window with too many private text chats extending off to the right. My encouragement to you was to poke, private whisper, come into my channel and (politely) interrupt and get my (our) attention.

      I can't share better counsel with you than I already read from Waterman. I could only expound on his advice but then my post would run too long. (Wordy but thorough forum posts are not inherently a bad thing but we try to make our point early in the post.) I guess if I'm going to contribute anything new to Waterman's advice it would be to lead by example and politely encourage other pilots that haven't gotten the hang of TS channel cooperation yet to be aware of the sound of such channel. That advice, however, sounds a lot like Waterman's third point. Anyhow, thanks for this post Brittanic, Waterman, subsequent posters.

      What I personally could use (and I've heard this alluded to) is some TeamSpeak add on or adjustment that lets me arrainge my text chat tabs vertically somehow instead of horizontally. Maybe those tabs in a pop out window would help me. Now, I come on with a second computer, second TS gamertag, second TS window and stretch it out flat and wide to carry on several TS private text conversations at one time while still seeing the new tabs as they spring up. I have started closing tabs once the text conversation at hand has finished but that feels like "hanging up" on my friends, lest they think of just one more topic on which to type with me.
      Respects, Bob ...


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