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Whos Who and what they do.

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  • Whos Who and what they do.

    As you join us on TeamSpeak, you will see many members with different badges or icons to the right of their names. This thread aims to clear up what those badges are all about.

    The airplane badge - These are members.

    The blue shield with an O - These are members that have been entrusted to moderate specific channels to assist our senior operators and admins.

    The gold shield with an O - These are our senior operators. They are a members that have been nominated by our community to aid in the day to day running of our services.

    The red shield with an S - These are our server admins. They have the same task as our operators but also have the tool kit to access the behind-the-scenes areas of our website and TeamSpeak.

    The green shield with a V - These are our Virtual Airline managers. They can give you any information or help with our virtual airline system.

    The magenta circle with a vertical line - These are our ATC rated controllers. Although anyone is welcome to host an ATC session at, we recognize individuals who provide competent and dedicated service. These controllers can also modify the ATC TeamSpeak channels for ATC-related events.

    The green circle with intersecting lines - These are our ATC admins. These are the guys to talk to if you wish to know anything about our ATC program.
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