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some of my favorite HD pics of where i live

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  • some of my favorite HD pics of where i live

    I hope you like them some are down to 15cms per pixel !!!

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    Wow !!!! Those are awesome screenshots. What scenery and simulator are those from?

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    “We deliver anything to the people there—food, mail, the morning paper, the afternoon paper, laundry, refrigerators, Christmas trees, just about anything that will fit in an airplane.”


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      Hi Bobby, the pics are of my region near Perpignan in France the sim is FSX and the photo scenery I have made myself . the great thing about photoscenery is that it doesnt have any effect on the performance of fsx frame wise, so you can fly down to about 300 feet above the ground before it starts to blur a bit as you can see in pic 6. these photos were taken of a region I scanned at 1 foot per pixel ! but it is possible in some areas to scan at 6 inches per pixel it all depends on the images available. If you look at the photoscenery available from most commercial companies they do not scan and higher than about 4 feet per pixel so it tends to blur anywhere below 3000 feet. Hence me and my friends at simhaven making our own scenery.
      i hope this answers your question, if you want to know more just ask.

      here are a few more examples but at a lower setting of the florida keys

      Fisher island in Miami

      the coast in the channel islands

      Miami Beach, check out the 3D effect of the apartment blocks and hotels

      It makes flying in FSX so close to reality!!


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        I have over 400GB of pay-ware photo scenery and I must say that your scenery exceeds everything I have in quality. If you ever decide to go commercial, I hope to find it.

        Excellent work !!!!!!
        “We deliver anything to the people there—food, mail, the morning paper, the afternoon paper, laundry, refrigerators, Christmas trees, just about anything that will fit in an airplane.”


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          Ive never seen the purpose of photo scenery apart from for tubeliner simmers. It looks good from high up but low level its terrible and the lack of trees and buildings is so unrealistic it pains me to see. I like having trees and buildings if i wanted to fly over photo scenery id use google earth flight sim but not for me.
          Just an opinion!


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            This is really cool Bfg! I think this would be great for Island hopping scenery like the Caribbean! I do partially agree with Edd though. If we can get some trees and building placed in that looked similar to what is there, it would be perfect! Great work!


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              Edd if you like the great stuff that orbx produces thats cool , i prefer to live in a real world not a well made airport in a fictional world. my scenery that the likes of you can make, starts to blur at around 300 feet so by then you are on short final and concentrating on arriving at a well made airport. you dont need a tubeliner to enjoy this stuff, look at all the previous photos, i dont recall a tubeliner there , i might be mistaken though.

              Travis I have flown into KMCO many times as a RW pilot i have very close friends who live in Eustis, and when I scanned my friends house I could see people in his pool when flying a 337 overhead now thats cool!

              I have already scanned most of florida in much higher detail than the commercial guys i think at Orlando I can scan down low enough to see a shoe in the grass!! its that amazing. give me your address and i will scan your street so you can hopefully see your shoe in the grass outside

              I am trialling something that gives 3D without 3D glasses however for the moment you will have to be happy with the likes of the following pic which gives an idea of 3D (the trees have depth)


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                Ive worked as a scenery developer for a while now and we have experimented with photoreal it looks good from the air but from ground level it is shocking.
                And before you comment to the scenery i produce being fictional take a look at some of it -

                I encourage everyone to produce scenery to there taste its what makes the flight sim community so diverse. however you posted some shots i presume looking for feedback and i gave you my honest opinion.
                And as to the orbx comment i like the stuff they sell however they do not produce there own scenery it is made by others and sold by orbx.
                Trust me i know!
                I like the concept of your work but its not for me if that offends you then maybe refrain from posting pictures on a site where people will give honest feedback or if you aim to continue on your development of scenery learn to take constructive criticism.

                “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.”
                I am more than willing to help you in your endeavours should you wish to learn and receive the honest feedback i offer and expect of my work.
                all the best


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                  Edd i have tried to answer 3 times today but it will not upload my posting so have sent a pm --- hopefully


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                    looks awesome


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                      thought I would try the center of London , but the mickey mouse autogen gets in the way


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