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    I made some updates to our Simlink installation Quick start.
    After successfully testing with Robert, P3D V4 is ready (V1)
    New models for FSX need some testing and will be updated once that is done,
    You can participate by downloading new models here (V7).
    P3D V....3.4 need some testing but I took a chance and published to speed things up.
    I'll be hunting somebody to do testing.
    If you discover any problems please let me know.

    Also looking through "Getting Started with" I think it needs some updating,
    I made some adjustments to server list but there's definitely more "massaging" to do there.
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    A swiftly completed and thorough job, 404Mike. Be assured you and those other sim server authors have the undying gratitude of those of us who follow your offerings and updates that keep us cross-platform multiplayer flying.

    As you requested, I reviewed syntax, spelling and clarity of your latest installation instruction post. My report back to you is my opinion that anything I might offer as textual suggestion would only represent a difference in style as opposed to any enhancement in readability or simplification of those instructions' function. Therefore, I concur that your publication of your words of instruction as they exist now is just fine.

    We discussed already the representation of wildcard characters in file names as asterisks. I agree that your period representation is fine. vPilot is spelled styalistically as "vPilot" rather than "Vpilot" by its author(s), as I see in your and Roo's posts of instruction. That observation borders on the nitpicky which is the opposite of the editorial review that you asked me for.

    Again, thanks from the bottom of our hearts to you and ALL those who contribute so very much of their time to make this community the functional and fun place to congregate and fly that it continues to be.
    Respects, Bob ...


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