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SimLink updated models & matching sets ready to test

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  • edd2287
    Thanks for your continued work on this mike!
    Great work!

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  • N404
    Working on a new Quickstart layout:


    Xplane - CLICK for details.

    FS9 - CLICK for details.

    FSX & P3D

    Step 1.
    Download and Install Vpilot. (version 1.1.5851.23849)
    (If you have Vpilot already installed click here for details)

    Step 2.
    Download and install the MSFlights Proxy.
    You may get an antivirus warning but it’s safe to install.

    Step 3.
    Download model matching files:

    P3D V...3.4 CLICK
    P3D V4 CLICK

    Step 4.
    From downloaded model matching files:

    1. Put all "AI..." folders in "SimObjects\Rotorcraft" folder.
    2. Put ".........vmr" in "C:\Users\yourname\Documents\vPilot Files\Model Matching Rule Sets" folder.

    Step 5.
    Start FSX, go to "Free Flight", start your flight and when you are in the cockpit, all loaded in, minimize FSX and go to next step.

    Step 6.
    Start the proxy, go “File/Settings…/Server URL”

    Press “OK”

    Press “Start Proxy”

    Step 7.
    Start Vpilot , go "Settings/General”

    Full Name: Your name/Gamer Tag.
    Home Airport: not that important
    Server: Local Proxy

    (CID & Password works the best if you use copy and paste)

    Check for vPilot updates on channel - OFF
    Check for model matching rule set updates - OFF
    Don't let Vpilots to be updated past 1.1.5851.23849 Version
    Anything newer will not work for SimLink.

    Go "Settings/Model Matching" - "Add Custom File(s).." <..........vmr>,
    for "Default model" on the bottom left, press the button "Use FSX A321" or "Use P3D CRJ-700" depending on which sim your using. "Apply" “OK”

    On the left top press “Connect”

    “Callsign” - please use something corresponding to your Discord name.
    “Type Code" - pick the closest looking Aircraft to what you are really flying from that list CLICK

    Press “Connect”

    You are connected and have set up SimLink for minimum requirements.


    Because you are flying in "Free Flight" mode, if you have any AI traffic on, it can be confusing with multiplayer traffic.

    If you want to switch off AI traffic,in FSX, go to main menu on top (Press Alt) Options/Settings/Display/ traffic tab , on the left "Aviation traffic" slide the sliders to 0%, press OK.


    This is only essential information to get you started in the simplest way.
    Full detail explanation and any other information about the system, please refer to the excellent Post by ROO here

    Happy Landings
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  • N404
    started a topic SimLink updated models & matching sets ready to test

    SimLink updated models & matching sets ready to test

    New models and model matching sets are ready to test.
    There has been significant changes including some new replacement models so make sure to overwrite....


    P3D V...3.4 - CLICK

    P3D V4 - CLICK
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