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Howdy Ya'll First TIme Joining FSX Online

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  • Howdy Ya'll First TIme Joining FSX Online

    Please give me some pointers on how to connect and get to flying. I have standard "boxed"??? FSX.

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    Welcome Fox.

    The best way to connect and fly with us is simlink details are on the right of our homepage. pm me if you need a hand with that.

    Feel free to join us on discord and it doesn't matter what simulator you fly here as simlink allows us all to fly together.
    Look forward to seeing you in the virtual skies.


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      Hey Fox, welcome, you can join the Discord, and someone should be able to help you setup Simlink to connect across multiple sims.

      Discord link:
      Simlink setup:


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        Hello Fox, welcome aboard to our flight community . See ya in the simulated skies.


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          Welcome, Fox. We'll get you flying in our multiplayer skies soon enough if you can just navigate your way onto our Discord voice chat. Read up on the links provided by those members posting their greeting in your intro thread and you will be all set up. Once on Discord, ask someone for some help if you need it. You'll get such help.
          Respects, Bob ...


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