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    Just recently did a reformat and reinstall of windows 10 and P3Dv4.

    After finishing updating my windows and installing various other programs that you need like Adobe Reader, WinZip, Discord, TeamSpeak, or what ever you need to get you computer back up to the way it was, I decided to hop on over to the Saitek site now Logitech and download the drivers and software all my Saitek hardware. I have Cessna trim wheel, Combat Rudder pedals, Throttle quadrant, and last but not least the Saitek X52 Pro.

    Was not worried about this as the last time I download them (a couple of months ago) was very easy, and the drivers worked very well and installed with no problems. Unlike 1 or 2 yrs prior when the company was still Saitek or Mad Catz, never really knew who owned the company, but the drivers then were very SKETCHY. You never knew what you were getting and had to hold your breath every time you installed them.

    Well to my horror when getting to the Saitek site which is now Logitech!!! the Saitek drivers and software have been removed from the page where you download them from???? Going deeper into the site and eventually to their forum, I found out that I am not the only person that has discovered this and there are endless other posts concerning this.

    Well Logitech answer to all is!!! they have decided to change things a little. The Saitek drivers and software that were available 1 or 2 months ago are now GONE. You now download the Logitech drivers for your hardware. Provided drivers are for X52Pro, Throttle Quadrant, and Rudder Pedals. and a plug in for all the switch boxes and gauges that were made.

    The Logitech drivers work very well. There is a difference though. The CLUTCH on the X52Pro or X52 is now fixed!!!! you cannot disable it. Big downer as I used to disable it and use it as a button for centering my TIR. Did this for years. The Cessna Trim wheel they no longer support with software and it is now PLUG AND PLAY using windows 10. WORKS very well better than before. The software you download and install for your hardware now places a deck top icon on your monitor, and you use this to program your hardware. There is no longer a unified control panel like there used to be.

    The point of this very long story is!!!!
    Don't do like me and delete your drivers. Especially if you have some of the old, but newly redone Saitek drivers by Logitech, SAVE THEM AND THE SOFTWARE, as unless things change at Logitech, they are no longer going to be available to the public.:confusion:

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    Did the ones i found for you not work?


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      I had to get the ones from Mad catz a few months ago for the x52 and dang they just are not as good as the originals. The hat switches don't recognize being buttons sometimes (so you can't set look 90 degrees left or right or up like before), and the control panel doesn't open at all. That means no calibration except by doing it with FSUIPC. That works great for flight sim, but not for anything else you'd use a stick for.

      I'm not sure what the CLUTCH thing is. Is that the pinkie button?


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        Originally posted by edd2287 View Post
        Did the ones i found for you not work?

        Good to have you back!


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