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  • Hurricane Update

    Well, as everyone should know about Texas, this year is starting off pretty strong in regards to the tropics. It is not looking much better for the future. There are at least 4 tropical systems(including Harvey's remains) floating around.

    Here is a very generic forecast of what MAY be to come. Keep in mind, I am not a professional and only using data from other sources.

    Irma may go up the east coast without touching(hopefully).
    Good time for Storm Stalkers to group up!

    Hope you enjoyed!

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    Every teen pilot's favorite airport, TNCM Princess Juliana, badly damaged, and St. Maarten itself in shreds.
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      Looks like I will most likely be staying for the storm(hurricane, not you Storm : P ). I am finishing up getting ready tomorrow. If it looks like It will be getting worse than currently projected, I will probably leave. But we are ready. I hope all my Florida friends are taking this seriously and are ready ride it out, or have left. What ever you do, just make the safe and smart choice. I have been through a Cat 2-3 hurricane(eye wall), and that is about my limit. It is not enjoyable riding it out, and probably less enjoyable if windows break and other shit happening. Good luck, and talk to you guys on the other side if you don't see me on tomorrow.


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        We'll be thinking of you, and of Prdude62, over the next few days. I suspect it's hard for most of us to comprehend what a Cat 2 or Cat 3 storm is like, let alone anything stronger. When I lived in the west of Scotland, we'd get Cat 1s fairly frequently - maybe two, three or sometimes even four times every winter - but I don't find that experience much help in understanding what's heading your way.

        In better news, your Fantasy Football team started out well tonight! :eagerness:
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          Probably very similar Storm. Just 100 mph winds or so constantly around you. Sitting there the whole time listening to the wind whistle loudly hoping nothing gets damaged. And hoping you are safe from trees and anything else. Things are not looking aweful for us(not great either) but the southern tip of FL will have major damage "if" it proceeds at projected.


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            Hi guys iys been a while!
            I hear what your saying there storm strong winds and storms are a part of winter here. however the cat 5+ thats heading towards you guys is very un nerving. Stay safe everyone im praying for you all.

            In lighter news i am flying the storm in Active sky if anyone wants to come explore then let me know.


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              No damage to report here


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                Safe in Tampa Bay area for me also.
                CW4 US Army Retired


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                  Well from what I've seen on UK news I'm glad to see you're both safe.
                  Hoping anybody else in the areas affected, that haven't posted are safe also.
                  Both Florida and areas like TNCM looked a mess.
                  If you don't use BOINC or World Community Grid then you should!


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