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  • Greetings All!

    My name is Tyler. I currently live in Germany and I'm just looking for a good community to be Air Traffic Control on the side. If anyone has any tips for setting up the right stuff and possible where the best tower would be to control please let me know. I am not ATC in real life as the military is holding me up for applying but hopefully in the future!

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    Welcome, Tyler. While we don't incorporate much ATC currently within our group flights, all are always welcome here. I encourage you to seek out a staff member, gamertag ATC_ROO, who is an air traffic controller and is a flight sim ATC enthusiast. Thank you for your service, as I understand your post of introduction.
    Respects, Bob ...


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      Greetings, what's your sim setup?


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        Right now I have FSX:SE. My computer is a Lenovo Y700 until I can get the rest of my parts for my desktop.


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          That's a pretty capable laptop in all fairness.
          What do you have for flight controls?


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            Right now, just a german brand joystick. Since I'm only in Germany for a limited time left, I probably wont be adding anything until I get somewhere more permanent. Can't trust the military to move my stuff without breaking it haha.


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