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  • Attention Flight1 GTN Users

    If you are a Flight1 GTN user, either GTN750 or GTN650, you might what to check out Flight1 GTN Complete Edition. This package will give you both GTNs for one price, $64.95. BUT, it will give them to you for FSX, FSX_SE, AND any version of P3D through V4, all for the one price.

    If you already have one, it gets better. If you purchased any of them after May 30, 2017, you get the upgrade for free. If you bought any of them before May 30, you can get the upgrade for $19.99, with the coupon available on their page.

    Now, there is a known bug with the installation. Everything works fine for P3D, but for some reason the panel configurator for FSX and FSX_SE doesn't find the sim's install folder. The gauges are installed, it's just the config program won't work to add a gauge to a panel. This is okay for those planes that have their own way of installing the gauge, like Carenado, Alebeo, and A2A, but those that don't it will be a little difficult. Flight1 support is aware of this issue, and will have a fix for this hopefully in a few days.

    I hope this will start a new trend for multi-platform addons that are currently charging us full price for each one we use.
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