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  • X-Plane 11 sale

    X-plane 11 is 26% off now during the Steam summer sale!

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    I hear that there may be advantages to purchasing XP11 directly from the X-Plane website instead of through Steam. I may be completely wrong, but my current understanding is that pilots may have problems installing and flying payware DLC purchased from places other than Steam (or maybe even freeware from the burgeoning fanbase) on X-Plane purchased from Steam.

    At the time of writing, the X-plane website hasn't reduced its sale price in line with the Steam sale (and I don't know whether it will). Perhaps pilots more knowledgeable than me could comment... before I shell out the cash at one store or the other (specifically within the next two weeks while the Steam sale is still on)!
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      Some further clarification after further research. Based on experiences people had with XP10, it's possible that DLC bought on Steam for XP11 (for installation onto a Steam-bought edition of XP11) is DRM-locked to that version number, and possibly may not port later to future versions of X-plane (such as a possible XP12 or beyond). DLC bought elsewhere (i.e. other than from Steam) may not be locked that way, which could be better... or at least that's my current understanding.

      Another thing to bear in mind is I hear that updates to a Steam-purchased edition of XP11 may be slower to update, with delays being anything from 2 days to 2 weeks compared to XP11 bought directly. I guess this would be due to the normal Steam software verification and vetting process.

      I'm also told that Laminar Research are unlikely to reduce their price for the duration of the Steam sale. Therefore, if saving fifteen bucks is important to you, and you don't want necessarily to be at the cutting edge of releases, and DRM locking will not be an issue for you, then taking advantage of the Steam sale will be attractive. Otherwise, go direct.

      In any case, there's a thriving fan base frequenting, where there are lots of free downloads available. Apparently, some of those downloads for XP10 temporarily had problems early on installing into the Steam edition though that was later corrected. I don't know of similar problems with XP11.
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        I was strongly considering taking advantage of Laminar's Steam sale as I had intended to explore X-Plane 11 at some time. Storm's cautions in his post # 2 caused me to hesitate and attempt the very exploration which Storm reports on in his subsequent post. I didn't get very far in my own investigations and I never did get around to reading forums. I only was able to discover the possible disadvantages, Steam vs direct, that Storm discusses in his second paragraph (update delay). My primary concern forestalling my jumping on the Steam limited time summer sale price was those topics in Storm's first paragraph. Based on Storm's report (thank you very much), I will forego this Steam sale price and I will purchase X-Plane 11 direct at some future date. I am currently not able to devote any time to a new flight sim, as much as I'd like to do nothing else but fly.

        As Storm requested in his first post ("Perhaps pilots more knowledgeable than me could comment... "), I also would love to hear from any experienced X-Plane 11 pilots concerning this topic comparing the differences in experience between X-Plane on Steam vs a direct purchase. I will continue to follow this thread in hopes of such further discussions.
        Respects, Bob ...


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          Hi Bob,

          In addition to Storms comments, buying directly from Laminar Research and cutting out the Steam middleman means more profit/support goes to Laminar.

          I really enjoyed X-Plane 10 and was pleasantly surprised when my purchase of 10 direct from Laminar included a free upgrade to 11.

          I'm excited that X-Plane 11 has a large uptake cohort....I prefer the feel of flying that XP technology imparts, I prefer the aesthetic also, and I'm far more confident in their development team than in either Dovetail or our favorite arms manufacturer.


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