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JoinFS already working to make the world smaller

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  • JoinFS already working to make the world smaller

    I saw an aircraft in a video listed on the JoinFS website. I asked about which aircraft it was and was given a French website dedicated to French Naval Ops in FSX. Who knew?

    The video,, was a test of the JoinFS with an interesting aircraft that I had not seen before.

    Check out

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    Yup I know of a few French and Italian communities.
    There are lots of communities hidden away that not many know about due to them choosing not to host a server in the steam lobby (who can blame them).

    Even communities that run the software our Simlink is based on never get heard of.

    JoinFS is doing wonders IMO.
    I'd be interested to see what happens with the network allowing nodes to connect together is implemented.
    Voice comms may be a problem as there is currently not one voice server for all.
    So you'd see an aircraft during your flight and have no way to say hello.
    If you don't use BOINC or World Community Grid then you should!


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      Interesting aircraft, the Fouga CM.175 Zéphyr, and even more interesting that the cockpit structure was made semitransparent for that formation flight.
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        teamspeak or the new one...
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