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  • Matthew

    Good luck and stay safe to my fellow Floridian pilots (and those non-Floridian neighbors up the coast).

    P.S.- I think this calls for a flight of the Storm Stalkers...
    Take the time, a second to soar; for soon after, beckons a second more.

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    And for those that missed it on Discord, this handy chart will help you tell what category storm you're dealing with...


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      Storm's Hangar Possible Service Downtime

      Storm's Hangar may be offline any time between 10PM Eastern U.S. time today(10/6/16), and continuing offline for up to 1 week(unlikely, but possible).
      As some of you know, I live in Central Florida. Hurricane Matthew is expected to affect my area to some unknown extent. Service will continue as long as power and internet service are not lost.

      If you have anything you are interested in downloading from Storm's Hangar, please do so before 10PM to assure delivery.

      If anyone is curious, I am ready for the hurricane and only expect winds at 75mph or less(most likely) at this time. My local weather station is at KISM.

      Thank you, and like Wingman said, stay safe Florida/Atlantic coastal friends!


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        Everything is good here and no know downtime on Storm's Hangar.


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          Thank you, mine host! :eagerness:


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            Not sure if it's passed through yet but hope everyone's ok.
            I've got friends waiting to fly back from Disney too.
            I heard it hit haiti pretty bad, so stay safe Floridians.
            If you don't use BOINC or World Community Grid then you should!


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              It passed alongside my area (Fort Lauderdale / KFLL) last night without much ado, thanks in part to the fact that my responsibilities (home and offices) are 3-5 miles inland. Fingers still crossed for those north of me, since that's where the impact was (and still is, further north) expected to be worse.
              Take the time, a second to soar; for soon after, beckons a second more.


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