TFDI Designs ( ) is in the later stages of development of a Boeing 717 model. They're doing a lot of their production testing via livestreams and I took the opportunity to join one recently which led to a lengthy conversation afterwards with the lead developer. The subject was the limit of two persons in a flight sim plane.

I explained some of my past experiences with having far more online players in a model. GTA V for instance can have an 4-6 players in models that move throughout that virtual world.

I received a message via facebook the next day from them that I didn't see until tonight. I was told that implementing such a system had been added to their model. I guess it was much easier than they thought. As I understand it, two people with be able to join and aircraft and switch between the pilot and co-pilot roles. A number of other players (determined by the host) will be able to join as observers. I think the method that they are using involves a program that will run outside of flight sim. In theory an FSX user should be able to join a aircraft being flown by a P3D user.

Imagine being a passenger on Lazer's plane the next time we have movie night. Or going past that, imagine being onboard a ship for a dinner cruise (you'll have to bring your own food of course). How about manning a gunner position on a B-17 in tackpak? The possibilities beyond the 717 model are interesting.

I took the liberty of mentioning as a resource for testing of the feature.