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Run new flight sim software once BEFORE installing SimLink (?)

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  • Run new flight sim software once BEFORE installing SimLink (?)

    I installed Windows 10 as a fresh install on my client simming computer including fresh installs of my three FSX-ESP based sims, FSX classic, FSX Steam and P3Dv3. I attempted to install the SimLink software without running any of these sims for the first time. I got the following error message, even after repeated uninstall-reinstall, registry cleansing, revert to previous restore point, etc. I stumbles upon the (for me) solution by simply running my FSX Steam installation one time initially and having that first run install the required DirectX supporting files for vPilot. This is a rare installation case but I choose to post my experiences here. I am up and running just fine on SimLink now with all my three sims.

    Respects, Bob ...

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    Grasping here as I don't understand the technical aspects of DirectX

    Were the audio and graphics driver installed and if so were there any issues during the installation of them?

    DirectX is installed with each of the sims. Not knowing how more recent versions might be impacted by older versions presence or installations after a more recent version is there a possibility of a conflict there? (Probably not as I think DirectX is one of the programs that historically is pretty reliable about recognizing the existence of a newer version and not proceeding with the installation when a newer version is detected.)


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      You definitely want to run them before installing other addons too, like scenery or aircraft. My guess would be several of the config files aren't created until that first launch.
      - Michael
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        I've had that error when I've tried to open Vpilot with the sim closed.
        I believe it's nothing to do with a first time install, only that Vpilot is trying to connect to something which is not yet running.
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