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What client to use for FSX Airventure fly-in

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  • What client to use for FSX Airventure fly-in

    For the FSX Airventure Fly-in coming up on the 5th of August, we at FSX Aerobatics are still debating what platform to use for the fly-in. If we use SE, aircraft move fluidly and you can have many aircraft installed so that they show up correctly for other pilots (very important for Airventure ATC!); however, not everyone has made the switch to SE yet. We could use vatsim FSHost, FSCloud etc, but those model matching sets though... it would be tough on the controllers, as they only identify aircraft by type to give them instructions (Red cherokee over fisk, rock your wings), and not all of the great aircraft flying in can be implemented into everyone's sim that way. What do you all think? Leave an opinion down below, and be sure to answer the poll to help aid with the decision. Thanks!

    You can get the official scenery here:
    The arrival briefing is here:
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    I would prefer Steam FSX over the other offered multiplayer solutions. Dedicated sim server offeres better overall formation experience and the other offerings will require further client side configurations that I fear will deter timid or unwilling participants and spectators from attending. My opinion is mine alone and does NOT represent any official recommendation nor ruling from the management.

    I also heartily recommend those of you who do not yet have Steam FSX to consider picking up this useful addition next time it goes on Steam sale for US $7.50. It is worth creating a Steam account if necessary. Again, not official, just my advice. I personally fly P3Dv3 but that worthy sim will ALWAYS run US $60.

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