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IS ? Single core CPU performance ... First consideration FSX/P3D

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  • IS ? Single core CPU performance ... First consideration FSX/P3D

    I'm wondering if this is a viable method of getting a rough idea of the Single core Overclock performance of CPUs...

    Take a CPU in this list and divide it's 'score' by the number of cores to get a score per core... then compare this score with the others to find the best.... looks like from this angle that the 6700K is the winner.

    from Passmark website...

    My 2600k is currently scoring (in my system overclock) around 12400 /4 cores = 3100 per core score

    I have read in AVSim Forums somewhere that more than 4 cores and FSX/P3d don't like it ... they tend to generate duplicate threads giving the CPU extra work that is discarded...

    When I monitor my CPU usage in 'Process Lasso' there is always a core/thread that does most of the work while the others rise and fall when loading scenery etc... when that core gets swamped then stutters start. I run with HT on and allocate that P3D main thread to my CPU's core/thread 2 and keep everything else off of core/thread 2 and 3 ( a complete uninterrupted core of the CPU dedicated to the MAIN P3D thread ) and never allocated to core/thread 0 where there are too many interruptions from other processes..

    I use an 'Affinity Mask' of 84 to get P3D to make it's main working thread on core/thread 2.

    Process Lasso website...

    GPU seems to be my main bottleneck...
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    I'm not sure you can use Passmark's PC benchmarking software for a reliable score-per-core analysis because I think the score combines results from single-core and multi-core tests.

    Prime95, on the other hand, tests each core and combinations of cores, and it benchmarks each test along the way, so you do get a score-per-core result (as well as an overall score).
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