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What happened to Air Traffic Controller?

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  • What happened to Air Traffic Controller?

    Interesting observation: I was feeding my Instant Gratification Monkey and I came across this list of the best jobs in Canada for 2015. Take a look at number three: Air Traffic Controller! Cool, eh? According to the article, Air Traffic Controller had even been ranked #1 on some previous years' rankings.

    But, to test a hypothesis, I pulled up the same website's 2016 rankings of the top 25 jobs in Canada. Guess where Air Traffic Controller landed... nope, guess again... not even close!

    It wasn't there.

    So, how does a job that consistently ranks high on this site's "best jobs in Canada" list year after year suddenly disappear?

    I'm not going to venture a guess, though I'd imagine there are many potential reasons... what do you think?
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    Have the banned Kettles in Canada or brought in a rule, NO coffee in the VCR?
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