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MSFS big performance patch coming

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  • MSFS big performance patch coming

    They are releasing a big performance patch in a few weeks to decrease CPU usage and some other this video he got an extra 20 fps!

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    Great news on the performance enhancement, Kalo. Now if I could only get a new high end GPU and time to enjoy our passion, my life would be complete.
    Respects, Bob ...


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      A smoother experience for both of us is gladly accepted Bob! I am also looking forward to a new card to support my next endeavor of VR. Sadly 4080 is most likely it. At least now. Should be hearing rumors any month now. I expect release is late October or after if I were to blindly guess. More likely near the end of the year.
      I hope the demands dries up and we can buy something. Even better reasonably at retail.


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