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On Vacation in Hawaai.

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  • Oz-Flyer
    Some of them. 2 or 3 in Discord 10th Feb Media-share.

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  • Coast
    Did you take pictures of these places?


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  • Oz-Flyer
    Update 5:
    And with this update brings our stay in Hawaii to an end we fly home in the morning.

    We round our trip off with:

    Diamond Head
    Hanauma Bay
    Koko Head Crater

    And lot of snorkeling around the beaches.

    Still can not get my head around the 4 way stop signs and that there is no speed signs on the highway on ramps to tell you the speed that part of the highway is.
    Entering a highway at 45 only to find its 55 or 60 is bad news do not know how you do not have more rear enders.

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  • Oz-Flyer
    Update 4:
    Curvature of the Earth would have been when flying in on QANTAS.

    While touring the North / North West we added this lot to the list:
    Derelict Props
    Waimea Beach Bridge
    Big Surf
    Shark Cove
    Turtle Bay
    Kahuku Army Airfield

    While touring the south west:
    Pali Hwy 61 - Which is not where it is. its on the John A Burns Fwy (Hwy 3)
    Makai Pier
    Makapuu Beach

    While down town shopping:
    Ala Wai Harbor

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  • Oz-Flyer
    Add the Bowfin, Honorable Monument, Mighty Mo & Red & White Tower while at Pearl Harbor today.

    and if being on Ford Island counts then USS Utah as the closest you can get is the Bus drive (no privet cars on base) to the red & white tower where the Air museum is.

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  • Oz-Flyer
    Originally posted by Splithorse View Post
    That's awsome! But how are you going to get the one that is 30,000 feet up
    Flying from island to island on Hawaiian Airlines yesterday.

    Also when landing at Honolulu Airport that gives you Hawaii Fortress Bass and Hawaii Seaplane Base as its all one big Airport.

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  • Splithorse
    That's awsome! But how are you going to get the one that is 30,000 feet up

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  • Oz-Flyer
    started a topic On Vacation in Hawaai.

    On Vacation in Hawaai.

    For members that have been with us from the start (Microsoft Flight) that is.
    I am on vacation in Hawaii and at this point on the Island of Maui and it just so that most of the Aerocach's are point of interest to visitors.

    So far I have been to the following ones.
    Nuaailua Bay
    Sugar Mill
    Waimoku Falls
    Big Beach
    Kaanapali Beach
    Maaleaa Harbor
    Maui Wind Energy Project
    puu Kahuauli
    Kahului Harbour
    Honokohau Bay
    Kalohi - Pailolo Channels
    Maui Arrivals
    West Maui

    Also the 3 Airports:
    West Maui

    We are now off to O'ahu to do more touring and find more Aerocach's.

    Even know its winter the weather is great at this time of year.
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