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Reason for not being here much this month

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  • Reason for not being here much this month

    I am want to apologize to all of you,I should have let you all know earlier but for variety of reason's that are going on right now, I am just taking a break from flying till the end of August . But wanted to let you all know i am fine . I hope you all understand. God bless you all.

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    We're all glad to hear your status report, PR. I'm sure I speak for all your friends here in wishing you well. In those group flights which you historically attend, we have wondered aloud and speculated about your wellbeing. Glad to hear you're OK.

    All posters to these forums: please note the "like" feature, lower right corner of your posts. I personally use that button rather than a thread-cluttering reply post to indicate my approval, appreciation or, in the case of a group flight announcement, my intention to attend an event.
    Respects, Bob ...


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      PR you are NOT the only member who has taken time off, some have done it permanently
      I took more than a year off a while back, and others have taken a LOT LONGER! We'll wait!

      In the end I am here for the fun and friendship. I'll miss you, my friend.

      PS: Keep truckin'

      "Having fun with friends! "


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        Thanks for letting us know PR, looking forward to seeing you in September!


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