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FS Expo 2020 will be in V E G A S

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  • FS Expo 2020 will be in V E G A S

    Drew Bolton (Belgeode) told me that it is officially going to be back in Vegas next year.

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    If BelGeode's info is correct, I am interested and prepared to offer similar hospitality in Vegas as was enjoyed by all that attended last year's Flight Sim Expo in Vegas. As you all probably know, I live in Henderson, just outside of Vegas city limits. Karl and I talked just now as Karl wanted to give me a heads up on this thread.
    Respects, Bob ...


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      Yes, I was told it was going to be in Vegas weeks ago, and that is also what was said at the Expo. I did not see them say it live though. The date is not yet decided, but it will be at the Flamingo Hotel is what I heard.


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        I doubt that they will do the Flamingo again. Belgeode says that he had dinner with the organizers (Evan from BVA). A decision on the precise venue was still in the works.


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